Professional Electrolux rack type Dishwashers

Electrolux produces more than 450 products from a series of innovative dishwashers rack type. You can choose from the official the product you need and a variety of accessories to it also. Click here to purchase now rack type dishwashers.

Rack type dishwashers will provide you with the highest level of rinsing and minimal detergent costs, as well as excellent strength and reasonable price. Professional dishwashers are easily suited for use in many different types of establishments, including large restaurants, canteens, hotels and small cafes or your home.

Washing machine design

Among the most necessary technical characteristics, you can find the lowest operating costs and best results, the ratio of high quality and low prices, safety in use, reliability, and stability, compactness and comfortable using, and much more. Buying professional equipment from Electrolux can give a start to your business.

The interface of the touch screen of the machine with the language of your choice is quite convenient; select the other parameters yourself. With the presence of the Electrolux washing machine, you can forget about manual descaling thanks to the Zero Lime descaling device. It will do everything for you without taking a lot of time. Order from our website online and get the goods directly delivered to your home.