Try 5% pods by VAWOO

Today, the production of various types of electronic cigarette has increased, to fill in any liquids, to use the most varied tastes in their production – this is something that always increases demand among many consumers. Consumers are moving smoothly from smoking tobacco in its pure form to a more convenient form of its use and with different tastes. On the VAWOO trading platform, you can purchase new pods with a variety of tastes: from sweet and not so much, from fruit to mint and so on.

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The POD system operates in such a way that it fills with your favorite juice, and you can even use them indoors. On our site, you can choose the desired taste at a favorable price for you.

The pods key characteristics

Among the main characteristics of the POD system are the following:

  • Size – the device itself is small and light, and also fits in your purse and takes up almost no space.
  • Use – does not require constant replacement, fill your e-juice; it is not difficult.
  • Does not interfere with others – ideal for puffs so other people can freely surround the viper and not interfere with them.
  • Easy charge – the device is kept on rechargeable batteries, which, although they do not have such a long service life, are charged very quickly.
  • The choice of taste – in the case when cartridges are used in electronic cigarettes, the only juices available are those produced by the manufacturer of your device.

Follow the trend – have a powerful device now.