Who is Timur Tillyaev? Some facts about Lola Karimova’s husband

There is a lot of information in the media about the late Islam Karimov and his two daughters: Lola and Gulnara. And this is not surprising, because these women in different ways attract attention to themselves: Lola charity, Gulnara scandals. But what is known about Lola’s husband, Timur Tillyaev? This person appears very little in public and does not appear on any TV show. Nevertheless, certain information about it does exist.

Entrepreneur, businessman, and caring husband

Timur was born into a family of rich parents who sent him to study in the USA, where he graduated from high school and then received a bachelor’s degree in finance from Midland University.

In 2000, the couple announced their engagement, but the head of the Karimov’s was strongly opposed.

In the end, Lola and Timur got married and left Uzbekistan in 2006. Timur Tillyaev never figured in the political arena and is engaged in business.

His wife Lola is actively involved in charity work. Her husband often accompanies her at such events, as seen in the photographs.

Investigative investigations were conducted about the wealth of the Tillyaevs obtained through corruption schemes and money laundering. There were materials describing the enormous wealth of the Tillyaevs, including luxury real estate in the States. Nevertheless, the family denies everything and asserts that they are not so rich. Timur Tillyaev only positions himself as a businessman. He is also considered an exemplary husband for his wife and a father for his three children.