The country experiments in the “Golden” by Kylie Minogue

Throughout her 30-year career, Kylie Minogue re-invented herself more than once. She was a pop starlet, an Australia’s national treasure, and the queen of dancefloors around the world. Thereby, it was absolutely logical to record an authentic country album.

British singer of Australian descent

The last album by Kylie Minogue, “Golden”, became the fourteenth studio work. Minogue personally took part in the creation of each of the songs included in the album. This is the first time she has done that since the release of the album “Impossible Princess” in 1997. People know Kylie as a pop singer. The new disc will not be dramatically different from her usual musical style, except that notes of country music will be added. The release occupied the first places in the national charts of the UK and Australia. Enjoy free songs download to learn more about the artist and compare the last album with all previous works. Here you can also find all great music.

The name of the 14th studio album of an Australian pop star, on the one hand, shows that there will be some golden hits, on the other – gives the listener a certain range of colors for perception. From the very first chords in the track “Dancing”, it turns out that the style fits Kylie. In addition, the singer has traditionally been successful at duets with men, and “Music’s Too Sad Without You” shows that. Surely, this is not the most commercially successful work of the singer, but it can be the sincerest work with personal lyrics.