How to choose a location for cryptocurrency exchange in Switzerland

It is no secret that Switzerland is the most optimal country for the exchange of cryptocurrencies, both in its territory and in the existing international market. Why Switzerland? If you are an entrepreneur/investor and want to do business in the field of cryptocurrency and get profit from it – Switzerland provides all the conditions for this. First, you do not need to have a lot of permissions, which already saves you time; you also have the opportunity to open a bank account, which is not allowed in all countries; In addition, there are many laws in Switzerland that regulate tax issues (for example, the absence of double taxation, the reduction of customs duties, and much more).

If you need a safe place where the base for the exchange of cryptocurrency in Switzerland will be, then you certainly should pay attention to the canton of Zug, where there are many friendly laws on cryptocurrency and other issues (for example, about paying taxes, obtaining licenses, registration procedures and much more ).

In addition, the government-supported Crypto Valley Association is located in Zug. Thus, tax rates are low, regulation is minimal, and the business market is centered on stimulating growth in the fintech sector.

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