The Role of an Egg Donor Agency

An egg donor agency is the third party in helping you find the egg donor. They offer a range of services and a database of potential donors. In case you have troubles conceiving, this agency is your possible way out. Let’s find out how they operate and what you can expect asking for their help.

The functions of an agency

The agency plays one basic and profound role – they help you find an egg donor and get eggs. This job has also a series of functions and things they do on an everyday basis. You won’t just get the contact information of a donor. The Asian Egg Donor Database is only a part of what they offer. In addition, an agency will set up a series of tests and screenings for the donor to make sure you get healthy eggs. They also offer different consultations and professional evaluations.

In addition, agencies work with professional doctors and contribute to the development of this sphere of medicine. Their primary goal is to help people have kids. For now, the agencies build their business by being intermediate in the sale. The couple pays money to the company for the services and eggs. The agency, in its turn, pays for tests and buys eggs from a donor.

Another function they have is to protect your privacy in this sensitive matter. Most couples prefer to keep this a secret for obvious reasons and agencies make everything possible to prevent the leak of information.