APA Format: Most Used Essay Format

Writing academic paper is not just about the quality of content and structure of the essay. Proper formatting is also necessary to make your essay presentable to the readers. APA (American Psychological Association) provides its own standard format as per which most people structure their papers. Writing a paper on screen without APA format can lead to a disaster.

Elements of APA format.

Academicians have the choice of either APA or MLA format. APA is the most preferred one and is easy to use. In the APA format, font remains times roman and size twelve. This format is a standard one for all research papers. Double spacing, inclusion of header and footer is part of APA format. The page with medium margins has to chosen while writing a paper as per APA format. In APA sixth edition, running head is a special feature. It is basically short of the title and used as identification of what paper is about on each page. As per APA format, this running head should not be more than fifty characters and should be in Caps. The page numbers are essential and should be put in all pages of your dissertation.

Formatting your academic paper as per APA enhances its readability. Your paper’s impression is improved thousand times with standard formatting such as APA. You can explore many other writing services on websites like wr1ter.com which are one of the prime service providers of it.